About Ultratainment

Van Tucker

 New Owner

After a long and successful career in advertising sales – 8 years in radio and 16 years in print, most recently for PHOENIX magazine and PH&G magazine – proud Phoenix native Van Tucker is undertaking the next challenge: Ultratainment. “Marketing, advertising, sales, and promotions has been a great provider and adventure,” Van says. “But it has also prepared me for this. Ultratainment Inc. has a stellar reputation as the #1 most flexible and valued gift certificate in the State, my goal is to grow the brand recognition, double the number of vendors on the program and reach one million in sales within 5 years  .”

Van’s Focus

  • Marketing 80% 80%
  • Promotions 70% 70%
  • Sales 50% 50%
  • Relationship Building 100% 100%

Van’s vast network of business connections and expert insight into the Arizona market makes him the perfect leader for Ultratainment. “The United States may be the melting pot of the world, but Arizona is the melting pot of the United States,” he says.

“Because Arizona is the melting pot of America, there is a constant infusion of new customers and revenue flowing here each year.”  With Arizona leading the nation in restaurant growth per Capita, it generates millions of dollars changing hands every day within the industry.  When restaurateurs accept Ultratainment Gift Certificates, it introduces them to new customers that they are unable to reach with traditional efforts and that helps them get their unfair share of cash flow.   “Ultratainment is a unique business model that offers a win-win-win for everyone   -this helps stimulate the economy and that is a good thing”.

Van is a true native of Arizona (born and raised) and enjoys life with his wife and two children.  When not working he enjoys building, tinkering or "MacGyvering" almost anything in his shop, competitive shooting, guitar music, and even yard work.   

The History of Ultratainment

Jim Mason founded Ultratainment in 1991 out of a desire to create a “win-win” product for corporations and restaurants alike. “We did it,” Jim says. “It’s not easy, but it’s meaningful work that made a difference with my customers.”

Jim says that Ultratainment set itself apart by taking the guesswork out of employee recognition – there truly is “something for everyone,” to quote the old marketing adage. “The most important asset a company has is its employees,” Jim says. “What makes a good company GREAT is when employees love what they do and are recognized, rewarded, and appreciated by their employer. Since 1991, I’ve worked with major corporations and helped them devise promotions and rewards packages that maximized their employee recognition and rewards programs… That’s the power of Ultratainment and the reason why Arizona corporations have deemed Ultratainment Gift Certificates to be the #1 requested recognition and reward product of all in Arizona.”

Jim happily and confidently handed the Ultratainment reigns over to Van in 2016. “For the last 26 years, Ultratainment has been both a labor of love and a rewarding dream come true. Believe me, building Ultratainment has been incredibly hard work, but it’s been extremely worthwhile. And now it’s time that I pass on the Ultra-baton. I’ve known Van for a dozen years and I trust that he will take Ultratainment another 25 years into the future. I can’t wait to see all the exciting new ideas Van will be injecting into the company. Stay seated and hang on. You’re going to like what comes next.”